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Do you know which place the Londoners consider as one of the most romantic place in the city ever? Well, the place is none other than the beautiful strand area of Waterloo. Located on the northern banks of river Thames, Waterloo is famous for its glorious past—the famous Waterloo bridge, the archaic Waterloo Railway Station and the quintessential British roads all remind of a great past. It is a place which needs to be explored again and again to get the real essence. However, you’re surely going to do this place some severe injustice if you travel to this place and try to explore it alone. Every historic place demands a sort of companionship and friendship in order to explore to the fullest. And, if it is a proper companion that you’re unable to find, then why are we here for?

Who are we? We are Elite Escort. We are a premier escort agency catering to the needs of clients globally since years now. We are based in London. Our Waterloo escorts are very different from the regular escorts you get to see on a regular basis. Our escorts are not all about bodies. They are as much about the heart and soul as they are about their bodies. The ravishing beauties that they are, they can, with their great skills, take you on a roller coaster ride each and every time you are with them. They can simply set fire in your soul whenever you demand. The professionals that they are, their main duty is to make you happy and to beget that lost, satisfying smile across your face. And, with this motto they set out on their journey with their art and finesse. Such are their qualities and training. However, if you only think of them as objects of pleasure, then you’re mistaking. Our Waterloo ladies are very sophisticated and pleasing mannered girls who exactly know where to speak and what. Their gentle demeanor and charming manners can make many jealous eyes hover around you at any kind of outdoor dos. They are such sophisticated and pleasing that you may even take them to your important business or official parties. They will go with you, be there by your side, and, with their pleasing aura, they will enhance your personality to a whole new level.

In other words, our Waterloo girls are all straight personifications of your dream lady. They shall be your true friends, soul mates and companions who shall help you to cope with your mundane lives all the better. So, when you get back after this sojourn, you shall be a completely different, satisfied person. They are someone who you can share all your troubles and dilemmas with. They shall listen to you gladly and shall also laugh with you, share tidbits with you as well as sit with you quietly. After all, this is what their job is, and as we say, your satisfaction is the reason of our smile. And, to savor all of these, all you need to do is go through our website, select your dream woman and call us up to confirm.

And, if you think you’re too busy to go through the list of escorts, simply call up or email us your specifications, and we shall do the needful. We understand that the pangs to be with your soul mate may arise at every point of time, and this is exactly the reason we have kept ourselves available to you 24×7. So, from now on, no matter when you feel dissatisfied and lonesome, simply call us up, and we shall be at your doorstep in no time.